North Korean tensions at all time high

North Korean tensions at all time high

China has warned the US against engaging North Korea with military force.  Washington’s regional allies said they expect the US to consult with them before any action.  Tension is mounting in the region as US President Donald Trump told China to solve the problem or ‘we will’. The warning came amid the diversion of the aircraft carrier group ‘USS Carl Vinson’ to the Korean Peninsula and a week after Trump ordered the US Navy to 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase as supposed punishment for an alleged chemical attack in Idlib province.

Syria and North Korea have had close relations since the late 60s, when North Korea provided military assistance to Syria in its wars with Israel. They maintain embassies in each others respective capitals.

North Korea built a nuclear reactor in Syria based on the design of its own reactor at Yongbyon, and North Korean officials visited the site regularly. The Syrian reactor was destroyed by Israel in an airstrike in 2007.  The United States signed the Iran North Korea Syria Nonproliferation Act in 2000. In 2016, there were reports that North Korean troops were fighting to defend the Assad regime in the Syrian Civil War with support from Russia.

Russia–North Korea relations are determined by Russia‘s strategic interests in Korea and the goal of preserving peace and stability in the Korean peninsula. Russia’s official position, and by extension its stance on settlement of the North Korean nuclear crisis, is that it stands firmly behind a peaceful resolution of the crisis, achieved through diplomacy and negotiation.  Russia along with China would probably not want a unified Korea as much as a crazy North Korean leader with a nuclear button that doesn’t work.  The US has placed missile defense system in South Korea.  This makes it seem that the US is prepared for war with North Korea.  Attacking North Korea would probably lead to a North Korean coalition backed by China and possibly Russia.  It all comes down to if they are capable of delivering nuclear weapons to their neighbors and beyond.  If this is the case, look for Russia, China, and the U.S. to destabilize the region.  If North Korea is still running with the paper tiger, China and Russia will not support any military action against the North.  North Korea has been preaching the same rhetoric for almost thirty years.  The only way anything will change is if the paper tiger becomes real but that is highly unlikely.


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