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Oil prices surged overnight to their biggest intraday gain since the Gulf War in 1991 after a devastating drone attack on critical oil facilities in Saudi Arabia knocked out more than 5% of the world’s daily oil production. U.S. intelligence are blaming Iran for the attack, three sources familiar with the intelligence tell NBC News.

Israel heads to the polls for the second time in six months to decide if Netanyahu will win a record fifth term, or if his political dominance will end. NBC News’ Alexa Liautaud calls in a Middle Eastern studies expert to discuss what’s at stake.

President Trump is attending a policy retreat for House Republicans in Baltimore and kicked off the event with a speech where he criticized the 2020 Democratic contenders. NBC News’ Monica Alba reports from Baltimore with what the president said.

Until fairly recently, Netflix and Hulu had little competition in the streaming game. Then along came a host of new streaming services like HBO and Amazon Prime Video; Apple TV+ and Disney+ will launch in the fall. Media expert and Syracuse professor Robert Thompson joined NBC News THINK to discuss how the ways we watch movies and TV are changing.