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As Trump wraps up his week in Europe, we go to Denmark. Their government is one that democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders point to as the model for what to emulate. So is it a socialist utopia? Matt Bradley takes a look.

Former Red Sox player David Ortiz is recovering in a hospital in his native Dominican Republic after being shot in the back Sunday at a nightclub. The ambush was caught on surveillance video. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY.

When a car accident left Amberley Snyder, a barrel racing rodeo champion, unable to walk, she was determined to get back in the saddle and back into the arena. "I'm going to do the best I can with what I have,” the 28-year-old says. “I hope I can encourage others to do the same thing with their life."

With their invention of pioneering apps and can't-put-down devices, a small group of young people in Silicon Valley set the wheels in motion for society to become distracted, disconnected, and depressed. Now, some of them are trying to reverse the damage, and many are raising their own children screen-free.